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The Autism Think Tank, NJ

The Autism Think Tank, NJ brings together a multi-specialty team of world renowned doctors from across the US, in a teleconference, to review medically complex cases of autism. Together with the patients family and primary care physician, the Think Tank Doctors collaborate to develop a comprehensive plan of care based on the medical history, current status and primary concerns. For one hour, a family has the undivided attention of 6 leading experts in autism. Through this collaboration, a cohesive plan of care is developed to medically stabilize a patient which may lead to greater educational and therapeutic outcomes and improve the overall well being of the individual. The Autism Think Tank doctors, leaving no stone unturned, may set families up on a path to progress, by reducing symptoms exacerbated by unrecognized or unresolved medical complications.

The Autism Think Tank Doctors are affiliated with top teaching institutions and hospitals in North America such as Harvard Medical School- Massachusetts General Hospital, Lurie Center for Autism (formerly Harvard Ladders), and UCLA. The Autism Think Tank doctors are leading experts in:

*Allergy and Immunology
*Pediatric Pain

Do you know if your child's ASD is complicated by;

Gastrointestinal Issues?  
Seizure Disorders?
Sleep Disorders?
Metabolic Disorders?
Mitochondrial Disease?
Food Allergies?
Seasonal Allergies?
Pain of Unknown Origin?

Complex medical issues are often difficult to diagnose and symptoms can present as aggressive or self-injurious behaviors which need medical attention before behavioral intervention. The Think Tank Doctors may help identify and resolve the underlying medical issues that are negatively impacting therapeutic and educational interventions.

While waiting months for evaluations by local doctors, symptoms may progress or change. Even more troublesome is the lack of collaboration between specialists. Without case management, there is an increased possibility of receiving conflicting information as well as greater risks of polypharmacy. This often leads to confusion for parents who are responsible for making medical decisions for their child. Approaching autism with a multi-specialty team of doctors reduces the amount of time and money spent on individual specialists developing isolated plans of care. The Autism Think Tank provides comprehensive case management to all families by a licensed clinical social worker.

The Autism Think Tank is currently serving families globally with the use of telemedicine. Videoconferences are scheduled at least one month in advance and scholarships are available for families who are eligible based on financial need. To have an individual presented to the Autism Think Tank team, a parent should contact us to obtain the necessary paperwork to begin the intake process. 

For more information please contact:

Sheri A. Marino, MA CCC-SLP
Executive Director

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